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Whether digital, audio or paperback books entertain and teach.

     Right now my genre is Children's Books.  I find the age group of three to Ten fascinating. Especially the 3-6 year olds. Their minds are agile and amazing.  Some adults feel they are smarter beyond their years, smarter then we were at their age or just lucky in the gene pool area.  What do you say? 
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  1. There are 4 published books by Marge Kroh titled "It's Fun to Guess..." The subtitles are "What is that?" (Book 1) and "What is that?" (Book 1 Vol.2), "Who and What is that?" with coloring pages added (Book 2) and "Where is that?" (Book 3). Book 1 and 3 are also ebooks. You can purchase Books 1, 2 & 3 (not Vol.2) on or order all paperbacks through the email: Book cover pictures are on the left of this blog page. Enjoy the colorful and fun connected books.