Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Things on the internet change really fast....

I try to add to my blog but the layout has changed...

     Life takes us in different directions and for short or long periods of time.  I tried to get back to my blog to write more about my writing adventures, add new prayers, recipes and tips and I cannot add to my original site.  I like change, but I cannot keep up with some changes.  I like simple and things seem to have gotten a bit more complicated.
     I know I will eventually figure it out, but it takes me much longer then most people.  Every year there are changes, sometimes every six months things change for writers and bloggers.  This is crazy.  Going on a ride with my daughter to check out a car today, then a retreat for the next two days.  My husband will be watching our pooch and visiting cat while working around the house.  He likes it, because it gives him personal time at home.  I feel the same way when he goes on motorcycle runs or rides for a day.  It seems we can accomplish more of our own home activities when the other is away for a day or more.  I wonder what projects he will be starting and hoping to finish. Huuummm!!! 

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