Friday, January 8, 2016

Busy, busy, busy......  I'm back with some updates. January my loving pet Gypsi died. I still miss her cuddles and soft meows.  She had at least a few months of peace and quiet before our new pup, Zee Zee, came in February. 
     From gobs of rain in the spring through fall 2013, to strange looking wasps (at least to us), helping friends move into their new home, Weddings, births and birthdays, rebuilding parts of our town from Sandy, going to the motor vehicle station only to be told I do not need an inspection until next year, very very cold winter, change in plans for our Florida Christmas, tons of snow (love it, love it, loved it) through March 2014, new computer with loads of problems, which halted some book writing, then came spring, life decided to sprinkle more birthdays and wedding celebrations. To say the least I feel like I really need a little quite time.  Most of these events were adventures that kept me busy, active, a participant in some great celebrations and away from the house, but not to far.
     On top of being busy with the above ventures a good friends husband had become very sick.  In fact He had been fighting cancer and was getting worse.  On the same note my younger sister Susie's remission had ceased and she also was suffering horribly. Two wonderful people we all knew would not be with us for long and the time was undetermined.
     Larry has a very loving family and a multitude of friends.  It was amazing seeing many people coming and going from his make shift bedroom and new home.  This faith filled gentleman decided to die at home with his wife and two young sons bye his side.  The amount of other visitors was astounding.  We all laughed and cried every moment we had with this gentle soul.  Prayers and memories spilled out from every mouth in the conversations between Larry and those who shared his past.  He left this life for the next on August 7, 2014.
     My sister spent most of the time home resting and traveling to friends, and with friends visiting other family members. I was there for her, but she did not want my assistance or company. This was very odd to me.  A very caring individual and loved by everyone she met.  I was told by a wise lady friend that baby sisters, no matter how young or old or what the circumstance is, want to show their older siblings they can handle life's ups and downs on their own.  That is very nice, but I felt left out of a very important family situation.  Especially after experiencing the love of a friends family.  People at her job and friends started to get ready for a fund raiser to help Susie financially to ease her worries.  When I was allowed to visit her, many people of all ages and many children came to occupy her days with laughter and memories. I understand this was an everyday event. It seems to be a theme among those dying and who have touched the hearts of others.  I was happy for her and glad she had the strength to welcome visitors into her small, but accommodating home.  She seemed to put on a good front when company came, excusing herself making a trip to the bathroom just in time. Prayers swamped my brain, that Susie would at least have a comfortable knights sleep. September came with Her older daughter taking Sue to and from the hospital a few times a week with strict orders not to visit her there. If she was told she would die shortly, Sue wanted to die in the hospital.        
     Breathing was now an issue.  My sister went into the hospital on the seventeenth with many visitors wishing her well.  Her parish priest came at my request for last rites the next evening.  Friday, September 19th, 2014 Sueanne Marie Goss said her last goodbye to my children and breathed her last breath.  The following Friday a beautiful memorial took place and again loads of people came locally and flying in to pay their last respects to a wonderful human being, whom I miss terribly. The fundraiser took place, which helped her two daughters.  Susie died one month before her sixty first birthday.  God bless sweetie.

     Jumping ahead two months and being to busy to think about my own health I decided I better get my Flu shot.  My youngest daughter's in-laws invited the family to a Thanksgiving celebration, which was wonderful. Now for Christmas.  No big deal you might say, but these two holidays were usually spent at Susie's.  Her being a newspaper photographer, we thought is easier to meet at her house and everyone bring an assigned food item.  It worked out nice for Sue and everyone involved.This season was a bit different to say the least.  Our oldest daughter had just moved into her apartment, so ten of us decided to pitch in with food and fun on Christmas Saturday.  Great plans right?  You would think.  I came down with the Flu and had it through half of January 2015.  Wow.
      Don't be sad for me.  God had better plans for me.  Michele and I needed some support in prayer and friendship.  Me being miss-fix-it helped put things together in her new house. On our not so together days we would sit and talk or go for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a long walk or ride. Daily Mass was my healer, and Michele had a hard time getting back to Church.  But we both talked about our faith and trust in God and how important and blessed we felt knowing God was with us and would help us get through our mopy days and He did. Even though there is a bit of a void in our lives we can move on with friends, family and God beside us.  We feel we are quite blest.  More life adventures will be coming soon, for a whole New Year is ahead of us.