Saturday, August 10, 2013

The first 3 months of 2013

     WOW!  These eight months have really flew by.  January we could still feel the after math of Sandy intensely. As much as some families have returned and rebuilt their homes many are still in the process today.  I have visited some areas, but others I cannot and do not have the heart to venture to them yet.  These are places I knew since I was very young and it breaks my heart to see them in such disarray.  I'm getting there slowly.  If I feel this way can you imagine how the people of those towns feel and the families.  Prayers have been with them everyday and they will continue.3 In Fact the small day care school I work at was still out of commission, but the Methodist Church on the same property, allowed the school to continue in its all purpose hall for the time being.  What a blessing.  They had to rebuild several years ago from a fire and decided to make the foundation higher.  This saved them from the flooding of the area and the continuation of the school's day care business.  God is good in many ways.  Today we are still seeing and hearing of many miracles that have taken place during and after Storm Sandy.
     February I received a very special birthday gift, our mini Australian Shepherd. The day before we knew we were getting her I was going over the many names I thought sounded right for a new pooch. The first name and the name I always came back to was Jersey, then Jerzy.  Over the months I new of some pets that were called Jersey, so I started to think twice about the name.  The more I said Jerzy the "Z" kept ringing in my ear.  Come morning I definitely decided on Zee Zee.

Zee Zee at 6 months old
A real sweetie
     She is as smart as her breed says, fast, agile and a clown at times.  Zee Zee loves to play fetch.  I bought her a 10 inch long chewable plastic toy, that she loves to fetch, when I can get it away from her.  We have maple trees and small branches and seeds she wants to eat, that cover the ground at times.  I know this is not good for her, so we try to keep the yard as clean as possible and this toy really helps.  I keep it on a table on our small deck.  She goes there first, grabs the toy, then waits for me at the top of the steps until I start going down.      Our pet runs to do her business, then is excited to run back and forth retrieving the log shaped toy for about 20-30 minutes.  This takes place about 6:00am, 12, 6 and 11pm. Right now she has 3 spots to relieve herself.  Hubbie and I take her for walks once or twice a day and she does not do it on her walks, but looks to go back in the yard before going into the house.  Silly girl.  I am sure that will change as time is spent more on walks. then in the yard and only play time there and at dog parks.
     March was still cold and not so windy, which is typical, but rainy and snow at times.  Mid March the day care returned to their school building, yeah!  My Parish, St. Catherine's of Middletown, housed a group of Menenites, who helped Sandy victims rebuild their homes at no charge.  The homeowners needed to supply the building materials and the Christian group did the rest.  We only heard good things about the workers and how blessed the victims felt knowing they could depend on these hardworking people.  Every Tuesday evening from 3:45-5:15pm I taught 1st grade Catechism in our church build of 8 classrooms, a gym and Religious Education office.  Our classroom faced the huge yard that separated us from the Church itself.  It was used as a parking lot for the vans and trailers of the Menenite workers. 
     The women would greet them in their long skirts and bonnets and the families would walk over to our Parish Hall, where the women would set up and cook their dinners.  My students were very curious about the goings on and who these people were.  Some of our children knew, because these wonderful families were helping our parish families and their neighbors.  What a wonderful example and sight for our children to see.  These workers were also Christians and the children saw Christians helping Christians and non-Christians with the same loving hearts and abilities they would use to help their own people. A few of my students said they would like to help out the menenites, if they needed help, when they grew up or get bigger.  Great lessons for us adults as well.