Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gypsi... Meow...purrrrr-purrrrr.....

     That is my cat, Gypsi, always wanting me to pet her and of course when I am busy with my blog or reading or writing, eating or talking to someone on the phone.  She can be very pesky, but she is very lovable.  She was a kitten sent to me to calm my spirit when needed.

My 13 yr. old cat looks pretty good
         This cutie was about three months old, when her wild mom, and I mean wild, brought her to me in 1999 in he rain.  Because our JR Rudi would bark at all the outside cats, that practically lived in our back yard, Gypsi was a bit of a scaredy cat and even ran and hid from everyone, but me in the house.  How did she get into the house you may ask? Well this is the short of it. 
        Her mom trusted me, but would get no closer then about 3 feet.  I could feed her, talk to her and she would even lay close to me, but I could not touch her.  One rainy day she showed up with only one kitten.  Most of the time she had 4-6 kittens, who also stayed a safe distance from me.  I would feel sorry for them and feed them.  It was a time mom could lay down and relax for awhile, even cat nap, stay for the night or take off for a bit without the kittens, before collecting her litter and leaving again. 
       Swatch, the powderpuff calico mostly white mom, only had this one kitten and brought her back a few times.  In about two weeks I was going to college fulltime and for fun I started to play with the kitten using a long branch with only a few leaves at its tip.  The kitten loved this, but would skoot if I tried to pet her, even while she was eating. I thought this was a nice way to end my summer.  Maybe Swatch would bring the kitten around through the winter also.        
      Three days before going to school, I was sitting on a cinder  
block wall with my legs in front of me forming a tunnel.  I would drag the branch under my legs and the kitten would follow it.  Two days before classes while sitting,  I left the branch wiggling next to my right leg.  She was there for a while, so I took the chance and was able to slowly pet the top of her head right in back of her ears.  The kitten's reaction was, OOOHHH don't stop and literally fell in love with the petting motion.  This took place for most of the afternoon.  She sat there waiting for me when I took a lunch break and went into the house and came out again. I went inside for the night and felt good about the past few days.
       Most of this time I kept Rudi in so not to scare mom and her baby.  I was getting ready for school for the next day and around mid-day my husband and I heard scratching at the sliding door.  We looked down and there was the kitten.  I opened the door and she skooted in meowing and rubbing against me.  Mom was nowhere in sight. My husband smiled and said,  "It looks like you have a new friend and pet."  She has been in the house ever since.
       We had another cat at the same time with a nasty disposition, who originally belonged to one of my daughters.  When she left for college my daughter needed to leave Nala behind with us.  I love cats, but this one I did not trust.  Jealous Nala once attacked my visiting daughter and many times the dog and the kitten, which made the kitten even more nervous, since Rudi would bark at her and chase her through the cat door that led to the basement.  The dog did not follow, so the kitten felt safe on the other side, unless Nala did the same thing, but followed her through the door.  My kitten was and is very smart and a quick learner.  She watched Nala and quickly learned were the litter was in the basement, which was another blessing for us.
         "How did she get the name Gypsi?" you ask.  Well, when I was petting her outside and her head was bent down, behind the ears and top of her head looked like a gypsy moth, thus Gypsi.  The past three years have been calmer for her.  Nala has past on and Rudi has slowed down with arthritis, is hard of hearing and half blind, except when she is getting a treat.  Boy does she get excited.  Gypsi stands quite close to Rudi now and doesn't flinch when anyone visits or Rudi moves around.
         My cat, as she is also known, lays around on the bed when I am there and constantly, to this day, wants to be petted, especially on the head and on the tummy.  If I do not pay attention to her she will pull on my hand with a clawed paw or her mouth, without hurting me.  Only the past two years others have been able to pet her besides me.  No one can pick her up.  She stays in my arms for a few seconds, then jumps down, but loves laying on me, when I am laying on the couch or in bed.  Gypsi is not allowed in the bedrooms when we are not home.  SO, she lays on the couch or the warm wool rugged floor next to her ball in a circle or in the sun in front of the glass sliding door. She is a real sweetie even though she can be pesky.  She too only wants to be loved. Heavenly Father, thank you for this warm and fuzzy gift!  Enjoy everyone!

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