Sunday, September 23, 2012

Time does fly bye.....

    Where does it go?  I'm retired and have no time or energy most days.  I am sure you all feel the same way working, taking care of your families, special family events, perform house or property chores and trying to do something special or different (if you can fit it in) once in awhile.  I do not think it's age all of the time, but I am not denying the possibility.  There are times when we want to sleep longer, but need to get up for work, an event or someone is at the door or on the phone.  This is normal, what ever that word means.  Then there are those few times we can sleep, but do not and cannot, so we get up early, even though we do not set the alarm, there are no events to attend, the phone does not ring and no one comes to the door. And it is not necessarily a weekend.  Boy, do I enjoy my Yerba Mate Tea, which tastes especially good on those few and far between special days.
    This month has flown bye with a part time job, trying to write my children books, all of the above, twice a month keeping track of the paying bills cycle with hubbie's and my pensions, Social security and Medicare.  And I'm retired? Mind boggling.  Those who aren't there yet...just wait.  I still have student loans to get rid of, being school was a late issue. I truely am not complaining, just stating a fact of life.  Note to Peg: "Need to work on getting your blog written more often, fit in your emails and FB."
    A few years back an 85 year old grandparent called me up and sounded a bit gloomy.  Not her usual self.  "What's up Nana?  You do not sound to happy.  What is bothering you?" "Peg, I'm getting old.  I'm starting to forget things and when I blink, time seems to pass me by." Yes, at 85 she was just starting to feel this way.  God bless her.  I think at times I was born that way.  This was a woman who was as sharp as a tack and a WWII pilot, ferrying our servicmen from base to base. Another great story for another time.  It was the first time I heard her complain about forgetting and time flying bye.  She would remind me of certain things I had forgotten. A big surprise to hear her say that and today I realize how blessed she was, because I hear more and more much younger men and women saying it more and more almost everyday.  Have times or people changed that much or just notice it more because they are so over whelmed with the extra activities they place on themselves.  Blinking seems to describe how fast that seems to happen.  Time flying bye, that is.
     Bothered by all of this?  Once in awhile it does, but prayer and faith, hope and charity bring me peace of heart, mind and soul and back to earth.  Thank you to our most Holy and blessed Trinity, God, my Heavenly Father.  Bothered by anything, pray and believe, and the gift of peace will carry you through.  Enjoy your day everyone!

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