Friday, September 7, 2012

Insect photo

       My small yard has many cracks and crevices where all kinds of bugs can hide and multiply. Bending and crawling here and there looking for flowers, plants and insects to photograph, I came across one that was a hot topic last year and recently.  Last year they were everywhere, this year we only had a few dead carcasses on our Southwest window sill.  In early spring a live one had settled on our classic kitchen chandelier, which I had captured and set free in the back yard. None have been seen since until the other day.

     It looks prehistoric with very tiny colorful multiple scales.  Other then its clicking when flickering around and bouncing off lamps and windows, it is very quiet until disturbed.  I hung a bright red hummingbird feeder with hopes of enticing a hummingbird of any color or size.  This is sort of hard since we live near a main highway and our tree's canapies cover the yard from any ariel views.  But my hopes are set high.  There have been many kinds of birds appearing in the bird bath or at one of our feeders, that we have never seen before or since.

     I know what kind of insect it is do you? 

Hear is my photo.  Do you have information you can share about this creature?  Please do.   

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