Monday, October 1, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy....

     Getting ready for my 1st grade Religious Education class on Tuesday.  The first session was last week and the kids are really cute.  Some can read and some cannot.  This is expected of first graders.  The first couple of meetings will be for introductions, then my plan is to break the class into 10-15 minute intervals. 
     They will place their name tags on a chart with an assigned task for the month next to their tag.  The tags are all removable.  Each student has a photo (shoe) box with their names printed very large on its top and in the side slot.  They can keep their crayons, pencils and small crafts in it or take them home.  After attendance is verified we will start a special lesson from resource books,  have a story read about a saint, Jesus, the Holy Family, a moral, etc., then 1/2 time prayer. 
     On "Q" the assigned children will setup a table. Our special prayer table will have the Bible and stand, battery candle, seasonal colored cloth and statue of Mary and baby Jesus.  A crucifix is on a nearby wall and there are other saints or statues of Jesus we can switch each month or week. During this time we will read a prayer slip, which each child has written a name of someone they want to pray for.  Dad, Mom, a sibling, friend or relative, neighbor or stranger they heard about, etc.  These slips of paper will come in different colors for each christian calendar season and will be stapled together to form a chain.  The chain will be hung around the room.  It will be great to see it grow and how it amazes the children.
     After prayer we will have a connecting lesson to build on what was taught earlier, then color a picture about the lesson or make an age appropriate fun craft or play a lesson related game.  After putting everything away, boxes closed, their folders are ready to go and coats on, we will say a quick rhyming prayer to send them off.  All of this takes place in an hour and a half.  I think keeping them moving and busy will hopefully keep them interested and have no time to fool around.  I do know there will be those off days, but the children will have a routine and a little structure filled with love, fun and food for thought in faith.  Not food because of the many allergies some children have.
    I pray for their families and each one of these angels sent to fill my heart with each of their unique personalities.  I pray they enjoy the class, learn that Jesus loves them and is always with them.
Until next time...GB...God bless!

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