Saturday, September 8, 2012

Beach followup

     I made my quota of more than one visit to the beach.  In fact it was 4 times altogether, 3 mornings and one afternoon.  That came to $7.50 a day instead of $15 per day.  Yeah!  I sat in the same spot each day and one of those days I walked the waterline for awhile, watching kids and adults enjoy the surf and each other.
Blue skies, colorful umbrellas and banner flying planes
     More shore birds in large groups flew back and forth from sea to shore.  The last day was a bit upsetting.  I needed to wrap myself up in my blanket while I was trying to read or closed my eyes to relax and could not.  Why?  Because there were hundreds of biting flies.  Barn swallows or beach swallows were having a field day zooming back and forth, up and down, and zig zagging in all directions hopefully catching the pesky flies.  But it wasn't enough. People were probably laughing at me bundled up, but I was laughing also.  Not only at myself, but at the people who were spraying themselves with bug spray, smacking themselves to shoo the pests, then leaving or moving closer to the water, where the flies did not bite so much.
     That day  was also a hot one, so beach goers did wear their flip flops or other footwear when trapesing back and forth, to and from, their blankets.  The skies were clear and bluer then the first day.  The larger planes passing by were not as noisy and flew much higher.  A few smaller banner carrying planes scooted through the air with engines making machine gun noises.  This definitely got your attention.  One quiter plane pulled a very long and narrow banner reading, "Eucharistic Congress held at PNC Arts Center - All Welcomed Oct. 12-14" .  "What is that about?" you might ask.  It is a FREE 3 day celebration for all families, children and anyone who would like to join the Christian/Catholic event.  Hit the banner's words and you will go to the Diocese of Trenton, NJ website for more information or get the Monitor Newspaper with loads of info.   You can bring a bagged or cooler lunch and sit on the lawns, but not in the parking lots.  What a surprize that was to see such a banner flying over our NJ shores!
     I will visit the beach during the fall and Winter months also, especially Sandy Hook.  It is free during cooler months.  And I promise to visit the beach more often during the 2013 summer season.  It is still very warm in September so maybe I will see you there.  Not to swim, but to write, walk and meet other beach enthusiasts.  Enjoy the months to come!  Leave a comment below about your beach and other adventures.  God bless!

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